How much does it cost to store gold in a bank?

If your purchases are for a self-directed IRA, your storage options are limited. IRS regulations prohibit keeping gold and other precious metals at home that are part of your IRA. Converting IRA to Gold is a popular option, and like standard monetary IRA deposits, your precious metal deposits must be subject to controlled access to track and tax distributions. Independent non-bank storage companies have grown in number and popularity as gold, and other precious metals have grown in popularity. These companies work with precious metals brokers and IRA custodians to make shipping and storing their investments safe and simple.

Many of these companies have insurance available or are included in storage plans. For many holders of gold and silver ingots and coins, a bank safe works as a storage option. This is mainly because safe deposit boxes are, well, “safe”. It's nearly impossible for anyone but you to open your safe.

Switzerland is the old school option. If you were to ask the average person about storing gold offshore, Switzerland would probably be the only place they could think of. And their assumption is definitely justified because Switzerland is still a good place to store gold. In fact, it has the largest per capita gold reserves in the world.

I don't think the government will go in and confiscate gold, that's not necessarily their top priority. Storing gold at home also has practical considerations, says David Small, a New Jersey-based gold bullion buyer. The fee structure for storing gold in a deposit is similar to that of buying any other financial asset. Your gold and silver should be stored in a location with appropriate professionals who can sell, store, buy back gold and transfer your funds anywhere in the world.

Gold storage is a simplified term for the storage of physical reserves of gold and other precious metals, either in the form of a coin or ingot. Then there's the question of what would happen to your gold or silver if it were stored in a bankrupt bank. In the end, how you protect your gold and silver will depend on the type of precious metals you own, how you live, and your level of comfort. A gold or silver ingot is probably the only type of precious metal you can afford to be “tough” with.

If you keep them in a safe, you can be sure that if you're ever going to get them back and take them to a coin dealer, they'll buy them without a prescription, without exception. Companies calculate the daily rate based on the price of gold multiplied by the number of ounces in an account, multiply it by the percentage rate and divide it by 365 (days) to determine the annual rate. Some people believe that the safest place for gold and silver is a third-party storage or warehouse facility. From your account area, you can request a quote to sell any product you have stored with us.

If the location of your gold deposit matters to you, Austria allows you access to many other locations. The wild card on my list is a country you may not have thought of, but Tel Aviv is worth considering for international gold storage. While some people are content to hide their gold in a coffee can or bury it in their backyard, smart investors know that they must place their gold and silver in a safer place.